Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SSB Clash August 2011 Released

Hey Guys,

Head over to Filetrip to download the latest version of SSB Clash.


- Updated Aerial attacks for Kirby, Tails, Mario & Luigi
- Touch the flags in the options menu to select language
- Updated Character Select bg for solo modes
- Updated the Startup Message
- Fixed Character Colours
- Additional Translation
- Misc character fixes

Click here for the filetrip page

I'll be back next week with some more progress reports, but for now download and enjoy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 2011 Preview

Hey Guys,

I'm back. Yeah, I've said that a hundred times, but here I am. For the Clash August release coming up, I've fixed up a whole lot of the Sprite References, and we have updated aerials for pretty much every character. Off the top of my head, only Snake and Shanoa should be missing any right now.

I've also properly implemented the language selection screen from the July Test. That means you get to it through the Options Menu by tapping the flag in the bottom right corner like so:

In addition, the solo character selection screen is changed so that we can fit in the Classic Mode stats later. You know, Score, Lives and Difficulty for future reference.

I'm also going to see about getting the death explosions back into the game for the August release, although no promises at this point.

I'll be releasing it on August 30th, over on FileTrip.

I'm also working on other games right now, hopefully I can show off my DSTwo game soon.

Until next time,