Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kirby joins the fight!

Hey Guys,

As you probably (hopefully) gathered from the title, Clash has a new combatant. Kirby is definitely one of the best characters in the game at the moment, which is purely down to him being extremely fast. Now, please join everyone in pretending that the two screenshots of him in action below are the announcement trailer I planned to make but never got around to.

And those of you who are paying attention to the screenshots may have noticed our other big update for the week in the second screenshot there. Players in Team Matches now have coloured markers above their heads to indicate what team they're on. This is another one of the things that I heard a fair bit when Rebirth first launched.

There were also quite a few bug fixes this week, and I've changed the jumps system slightly. Yoshi, Metaknight, Shadow and Kirby all have higher double jumps than the rest of the characters. Metaknight and Kirby will be changed later, but this first step which makes Yoshi's double jump much more like it is in the games is the stepping stone towards the multi-jumps that I know people want to see for Kirby and Metaknight in game.

I feel the game's been taking major strides lately and hopefully those of you who have had a chance to try it agree.

See you next time,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Preview Test

Hey Guys,

Sometime later today (or tomorrow) I'll be sending out a link to a test in progress to every member of the SSB Clash Facebook group. It's still rather rough around the edges (in quite a few places), but if you want to try out some of our new content (and something as yet unannounced), go like us. And be quick with the download, because I'll be pulling it down in a couple of days.

See you soon with a proper update,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Team Killing and Training

Hey Guys,

There's a fairly large list of changes this time, so I'll get right into it.

First off, I ran through and optimized every source code file in the game that needed it, and as a result, the code will run (un-noticeably) faster.

The training mode, where previously was limited to the amount of stocks set at the character select screen is now an unlimited match which has to be ended by the player through pausing and pressing SELECT.

The Solo Continue menu has had a partial revamp with a new top screen. The Challenger approaching screen can now be progressed by tapping the screen.

I moved all of the image files out of the efsroot, which means that the game is now 2MB smaller, so it'll be easier for me to upload, for you to download and probably easier to start up.

The default for team killing is now set to off to make the Classic Mode matches a little more challenging. There isn't a way to toggle this yet, but there will be when I redo the options menu a little further down the track (once we have more things to add).

Finally, resetting the data from the vault menu now also resets whether or not Snake/Geno have been unlocked.

So there's been quite a bit of progress this week. A few more weeks like this and we'll be ready to show off a new test that will definitely be worth the wait.

Until next time,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Vault Update and More


A quick check in just to say that the vault menu is fully updated, and the achievements menu will be done soon to complement it.

This screenshot is in-game this time, so this is exactly how it'll look when you play it (minus the blurry screenshot quality).

Also, we have two new characters joining the roster soon, so stay tuned for that announcement. I can't really say how close we are to releasing the new test simply because I'm not sure what features I want to have done by then.

Things I'm aiming towards are the two new characters, at least one new attack, two new stages, achievements and possibly a new mode. Unfortunately, multiplayer is looking less and less likely for the next test though. I'll be working my way down that list of things, and when I get to the end, you can expect to see a new release.

Until next time,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Vault Revamp

Hey Guys,

Alright, so this week I've been spending my time mostly sorting out my Uni enrollment and everything, but I've also managed to get the Vault menu on the way to an update. There are some icons ready to replace the credits/delete data button inputs, and right now we've got an updated bg with the back button put in (finally).

The icons to the right aren't in yet, but will be soon after I complete the last icon, which will be for SSB Clash's achievements system. Achievements are yet to be decided, but look out for them in the next release (which isn't looking that far away, assuming I stop adding things).

Also, you can now tap and hold the touch screen during the credits to make it scroll faster in addition to using UP/DOWN to manipulate them. (Because everyone watches the credits, right?).

Everything attacks-wise I'm still waiting on. I'll update the attacks for characters once we get a few more done, but with only one (albeit very talented) character spriter at the moment, it's not the ideal situation to get the attacks in quickly. Ike is also just waiting on a few more animations before we get him in, likewise with Kirby (who we're just more or less cleaning up).

Until next time,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SSB Clash Facebook Page

We now have an official SSB Clash Facebook page so that you can get smaller, more regular updates in addition to the blog, and leave feedback more easily. You can find it here (hopefully). If the link doesn't work, you can always just look up Super Smash Bros Clash. It'll be the third one down.