Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kirby joins the fight!

Hey Guys,

As you probably (hopefully) gathered from the title, Clash has a new combatant. Kirby is definitely one of the best characters in the game at the moment, which is purely down to him being extremely fast. Now, please join everyone in pretending that the two screenshots of him in action below are the announcement trailer I planned to make but never got around to.

And those of you who are paying attention to the screenshots may have noticed our other big update for the week in the second screenshot there. Players in Team Matches now have coloured markers above their heads to indicate what team they're on. This is another one of the things that I heard a fair bit when Rebirth first launched.

There were also quite a few bug fixes this week, and I've changed the jumps system slightly. Yoshi, Metaknight, Shadow and Kirby all have higher double jumps than the rest of the characters. Metaknight and Kirby will be changed later, but this first step which makes Yoshi's double jump much more like it is in the games is the stepping stone towards the multi-jumps that I know people want to see for Kirby and Metaknight in game.

I feel the game's been taking major strides lately and hopefully those of you who have had a chance to try it agree.

See you next time,


  1. Hey,

    We'll be putting Ness and Lucas in the game a little later once we have all of the sprites ready (and the characters we already have in the game are done).

    I've got your details now, and I'm deleting your comment just to stop people from potentially abusing it. (People, and bots that is).