Sunday, February 20, 2011

Team Killing and Training

Hey Guys,

There's a fairly large list of changes this time, so I'll get right into it.

First off, I ran through and optimized every source code file in the game that needed it, and as a result, the code will run (un-noticeably) faster.

The training mode, where previously was limited to the amount of stocks set at the character select screen is now an unlimited match which has to be ended by the player through pausing and pressing SELECT.

The Solo Continue menu has had a partial revamp with a new top screen. The Challenger approaching screen can now be progressed by tapping the screen.

I moved all of the image files out of the efsroot, which means that the game is now 2MB smaller, so it'll be easier for me to upload, for you to download and probably easier to start up.

The default for team killing is now set to off to make the Classic Mode matches a little more challenging. There isn't a way to toggle this yet, but there will be when I redo the options menu a little further down the track (once we have more things to add).

Finally, resetting the data from the vault menu now also resets whether or not Snake/Geno have been unlocked.

So there's been quite a bit of progress this week. A few more weeks like this and we'll be ready to show off a new test that will definitely be worth the wait.

Until next time,

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