Monday, February 14, 2011

Vault Update and More


A quick check in just to say that the vault menu is fully updated, and the achievements menu will be done soon to complement it.

This screenshot is in-game this time, so this is exactly how it'll look when you play it (minus the blurry screenshot quality).

Also, we have two new characters joining the roster soon, so stay tuned for that announcement. I can't really say how close we are to releasing the new test simply because I'm not sure what features I want to have done by then.

Things I'm aiming towards are the two new characters, at least one new attack, two new stages, achievements and possibly a new mode. Unfortunately, multiplayer is looking less and less likely for the next test though. I'll be working my way down that list of things, and when I get to the end, you can expect to see a new release.

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