Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SSB Clash September Preview

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to give you all a quick rundown on what I've got coming up for the September Release of Clash. This month has been mostly about fixing things and restoring some features that I'd had to disable in the past.

To that end, I'm happy to show off the major addition to the September release, the alternate costumes are back.

Last seen in Test Awesome + 1/2, there were only alternate costumes for Zero and Shanoa. Now however, all characters have alternate costumes accessed using X/Y at the character select menu. Most of the costumes have the blue theme (or red if the character is already blue), but there are a few special costumes in there, including Fire Flower Mario and Super Shadow.

There's been a lot of bug fixing going on recently:
- The bug that offsets the in-game text if you exit the credits early is fixed
- Characters can no longer go into idle from knockback (no ground a attacks in the air)
- Characters can no longer be stuck in taunt loops
- Fixed frames for Geno
- The time to wait after the match finishes is shorter
- Off-colour pixels in certain portraits fixed

In addition to the above fixes, there are updated animations for Mario, Shanoa and Yoshi which add fluidity in the case of Mario, and Aerials in the case of Shanoa and Yoshi.

The results room is now completely fixed so that it will judge the character places right every time. I'd dropped the ball a bit with the results room in the past, so I'm glad to see this fixed.

The game icon now has a transparent border again instead of the magenta one and the language room has been updated with a new lower background, seen below.

I did some work on getting the explosions on death happening, but the code for that lags a bit on actual hardware so there's some tweaking with that before it's done.

There's one last thing to announce before I finish up with this preview. There is now camera control when the game is paused. Currently you can move up/down/left/right with zooming hopefully happening before I release the test closer to the end of the month.

Until next time,