Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Suda51 and Translations

Hey Guys,

The event with Suda51 was awesome, and I managed to talk to him about what would happen if Travis was in a Smash Bros game. Basically, no blood, no swearing but still a ton of style.

Also, I've got a quick video I'm editing that I hope will go up on my Youtube channel soon. It'll basically just show off Kirby, Battlefield64 and the new menu improvements.

There have been a few more bug fixes since last week, but with uni Exams and getting sick, I've been a bit behind. However, we're working on a french menu translation for all of you that are native French speakers, and I hope to do further translations in the future if there are people to help me with the actual translation.

See you next week,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Late Update (Again)...

Hey Guys,

I sure didn't manage to keep to my updating the blog once a week thing, did I? Well good news! Uni is finally over for the semester, so I can get back into working on Clash.

First of all, the most important news: has expired. So for now, we're moving it to This is only a temporary measure, and I'll be moving it to a new domain soon. (I'm hoping, but don't get excited yet, I'm a terribly cheap person).

Alright, so on to game updates. Apart from a myriad of small bug fixes, I've fixed a problem relating to the counter that keeps track of the wins/losses and tightened the restrictions on which modes count towards wins/losses.

I've fixed up animations for pretty much every character, and updated all of the stage icons, both for clarity and to use less colours (which is useful on the DS).

I'll be working hard over the next week to tighten up Clash even more, and to get it bug free in time for a new release. I can't put any date on it because I really want the thing to be as polished as possible. I'm going to have to take the plunge eventually, but not yet. :P

Also, I promise this time, I'll be back next Wednesday with a new post.

See you next time,

PS: I'm going to an event on Friday where I'll meet Suda51, so I'm planning on asking him some questions about how Travis should play in SSB. Hopefully we'll get some really cool information about it, and I'll see if I can get him to choose the Final Smash that we'll eventually see in game.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Aerials Update

Hey Guys,

One week until I get off on holidays, which means LOTS of progress on Clash. So keep checking back for progress as I get back into updating the blog at least once a week again (with lots of new content, hopefully).

In the meantime, all of the aerials are successfully programmed into the game. If you want to use Neutral Aerial in the air, you can still press A without any direction, or R is also the dedicated button for Neutral Aerials.

Shiny new screenshots:

Metaknight's Forward Aerial

Knuckles' Down Aerial

Zero's Forward Aerial

I've also updated the game so that it pauses when the hinge is triggered (ie. When you close the DS), so this will help with the accessibility of the game.

See you soon,