Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Suda51 and Translations

Hey Guys,

The event with Suda51 was awesome, and I managed to talk to him about what would happen if Travis was in a Smash Bros game. Basically, no blood, no swearing but still a ton of style.

Also, I've got a quick video I'm editing that I hope will go up on my Youtube channel soon. It'll basically just show off Kirby, Battlefield64 and the new menu improvements.

There have been a few more bug fixes since last week, but with uni Exams and getting sick, I've been a bit behind. However, we're working on a french menu translation for all of you that are native French speakers, and I hope to do further translations in the future if there are people to help me with the actual translation.

See you next week,

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  1. OMFG i never knew who are Suda51... but now i'm little jealous :D