Friday, October 29, 2010

Week 6 - SSB Clash Rebirth Features

This week, as well as adding Taunts (read last post) I managed to come up with a proper feature set for the SSB Clash Rebirth release.

On top of what the characters are already capable of (moveset wise), I'll be adding two more moves to the game, leaving us with:
- vA
- >A
- ^A
- Dash Attack
- Neutral Aerial
- Taunts

That's a total of 7 moves for the game, and will cover all of the A attacks for the game. Due to the nature of the DPad however, I'll have to remove the options for Tap Jump and Always Run because they would remove access to ^A and >A respectively.

There will be the following new stages:
- Battlefield 64
- Shadow Moses
- Castle Siege
- Peach's Castle (N64)

And The Following Modes:
- Stock Mode
- Classic Mode
- Training Mode

However, having said all of that, I've got two weeks left in which to finish my Year 12 studies, so I'll be focusing mostly on that for those two weeks. This means that there probably won't be any updates to do with Clash for the next two weeks.

I do programming at school though, so I suppose I will still have some stuff to update about the state of my assignment for that. I'll also still be working on Custom Robot Gladiators, so that doesn't leave me completely without updates for that time.

Before I go, I have one last thing I want to say:

Pour l'ensemble de mes lecteurs français ... Merci à tous pour le soutien. Vous les gars ont le plus de points de vue depuis le début de mon blog, battant facilement le deuxième pays, Royaume-Uni par plus du double.

Oh, et désolé pour la grammaire terrible. J'utilise un traducteur web.

Until Next Time,

Monday, October 25, 2010


Taunts are now in game again, and they're working a lot better than they did last time. As a side note, I'm planning on releasing the SSB Clash Rebirth test once I've added >A and ^A and added some stages.

It may be a while off, or it may be close. I really won't know until I feel it's ready to release.

Until next time,

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 5 - Stage Additions

Hey Guys,

This week's been a little less productive than usual, due to the wonderful time waster that is Golden Sun, which I've almost finished now.

This week I've started adding additional stages into Clash. So far I've only got an (arguably) playable Battlefield (N64), but I'm also working on some other stages such as Shadow Moses and Brinstar.

I should have the stage fixed up relatively soon which will leave me with more time to work on other stages.

Until Next Time,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Custom Robot Gladiators

This is an update on the Custom Robot Battles project, which is now called Custom Robot Gladiators.

The game is under development by Team Lasershark, which is me and a couple of rather awesome guys. We've currently got a running battle prototype and an awesome menu system.

The game is due November 18, so we should have it finished just before then.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 4 - Down A and Dash Attacks

This week I finally got the Dash Attacks working for Clash, and followed it up with working vA attacks. There'll be a playable test up for the members of the Clash forums soon, but for everyone else, you can have a look at the attacks in action here.

I'm still not sure what attack I should program in next. Comment on the post if you have any preferences, otherwise I think I'll lean towards ^A for the next one.

I think I should also mention before I go for this week that the concept art from last week was drawn by Range from the SSB Clash team, and we're still in the very early concept stages.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Extra Edition

Hey Guys,

I'm just popping by to tell you that I've finished fixing up the Dash Attack, and SSB Clash now has a third attack. I'm pretty excited, and I hope to have a video or something of it up in time for the next post. (I've fixed the colours on the videos too).

Until Next Time,

Friday, October 8, 2010

Week 3 - Early Edition

Hey guys. This week's post is early because I'll be pretty busy throughout the rest of the weekend.

This week I've managed to set up the Team Match system correctly for every conceivable gameplay mode. Team Attack is always on by default, though I suppose I should also add an option to turn it off. The only thing left to add is the ability for users to change the team mode on, and to change the teams at will. That will probably be finished rather soon. Currently, the teams for Classic Mode are working well, leaving only the Master Hand battle left to program before I feel like I can really call it a worthy classic mode.

I've also changed most of the code I added back when I first made stock mode to make it run smoother and to allow easier loops (both to write and process). It's not a change that most people are likely to notice, but it will make adding new modes a lot easier.

Team Matches took up most of my time this week, so that's pretty much all I got done on Clash, excluding a couple of bug fixes.

To round out the week, I have one piece of concept art to show you from an as yet unannounced game:
(God, how many games can I possibly be working on at the same time?)

Until next week,

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week 2 - Classic Mode, Referee and More

Week 2 of updating my blog, and this week is all about Clash.

First up, for anyone who wants to give a very early Classic Mode a try, download the SSB Clash Rebirth Preview from the link in last week's post and boot it up. When at the main menu, hold either L or R and TAP the Solo icon on the screen. (Pressing A to select will not work). Please note that at the moment the teams aren't fully implemented so it is in fact a free-for-all in every match, there's no Master Hand boss and no special stages (Target Test etc).

I've made a couple of changes to SSB Clash's Classic Mode including the continue screen. This should make the mode more completeable for people who are having trouble finishing it. There's a short gameplay compilation video of Classic Mode here. (Sorry for the terrible quality, the screencam sucks).

The basics of Dash Attacks are in the game, but it's proving a hard thing to polish and clear for bugs. Yeah, it's throwing up a whole bunch of problems but it should be ready for playtesting within the week. No promises though.

In the process of testing for the Dash Attacks, I've added a "Sandbag Mode" for CPUs where they'll just stand there so I suppose you can say that we have a basic training mode as well. Also new this week is a new option in game, a damage multiplier (1x through 5x) found in the options menu.

Also finished this week is moving the win conditions for matches to the referee class, which as I mentioned last week will allow me to add in new modes (like Time and King Modes) with relative ease. There are some other, purely cosmetic changes to Clash as well, but nothing really worth mentioning.

In other news, I'm planning on porting Custom Robot Battles to the DS after development (only for the DSTwo though). I've still got relatively nothing to share on that though as we're on holidays during the very early stage of development. I've got nothing to show off from this game, but should definately have something to show by the end of the month.