Friday, October 8, 2010

Week 3 - Early Edition

Hey guys. This week's post is early because I'll be pretty busy throughout the rest of the weekend.

This week I've managed to set up the Team Match system correctly for every conceivable gameplay mode. Team Attack is always on by default, though I suppose I should also add an option to turn it off. The only thing left to add is the ability for users to change the team mode on, and to change the teams at will. That will probably be finished rather soon. Currently, the teams for Classic Mode are working well, leaving only the Master Hand battle left to program before I feel like I can really call it a worthy classic mode.

I've also changed most of the code I added back when I first made stock mode to make it run smoother and to allow easier loops (both to write and process). It's not a change that most people are likely to notice, but it will make adding new modes a lot easier.

Team Matches took up most of my time this week, so that's pretty much all I got done on Clash, excluding a couple of bug fixes.

To round out the week, I have one piece of concept art to show you from an as yet unannounced game:
(God, how many games can I possibly be working on at the same time?)

Until next week,

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