Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week 2 - Classic Mode, Referee and More

Week 2 of updating my blog, and this week is all about Clash.

First up, for anyone who wants to give a very early Classic Mode a try, download the SSB Clash Rebirth Preview from the link in last week's post and boot it up. When at the main menu, hold either L or R and TAP the Solo icon on the screen. (Pressing A to select will not work). Please note that at the moment the teams aren't fully implemented so it is in fact a free-for-all in every match, there's no Master Hand boss and no special stages (Target Test etc).

I've made a couple of changes to SSB Clash's Classic Mode including the continue screen. This should make the mode more completeable for people who are having trouble finishing it. There's a short gameplay compilation video of Classic Mode here. (Sorry for the terrible quality, the screencam sucks).

The basics of Dash Attacks are in the game, but it's proving a hard thing to polish and clear for bugs. Yeah, it's throwing up a whole bunch of problems but it should be ready for playtesting within the week. No promises though.

In the process of testing for the Dash Attacks, I've added a "Sandbag Mode" for CPUs where they'll just stand there so I suppose you can say that we have a basic training mode as well. Also new this week is a new option in game, a damage multiplier (1x through 5x) found in the options menu.

Also finished this week is moving the win conditions for matches to the referee class, which as I mentioned last week will allow me to add in new modes (like Time and King Modes) with relative ease. There are some other, purely cosmetic changes to Clash as well, but nothing really worth mentioning.

In other news, I'm planning on porting Custom Robot Battles to the DS after development (only for the DSTwo though). I've still got relatively nothing to share on that though as we're on holidays during the very early stage of development. I've got nothing to show off from this game, but should definately have something to show by the end of the month.

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