Monday, February 7, 2011

Vault Revamp

Hey Guys,

Alright, so this week I've been spending my time mostly sorting out my Uni enrollment and everything, but I've also managed to get the Vault menu on the way to an update. There are some icons ready to replace the credits/delete data button inputs, and right now we've got an updated bg with the back button put in (finally).

The icons to the right aren't in yet, but will be soon after I complete the last icon, which will be for SSB Clash's achievements system. Achievements are yet to be decided, but look out for them in the next release (which isn't looking that far away, assuming I stop adding things).

Also, you can now tap and hold the touch screen during the credits to make it scroll faster in addition to using UP/DOWN to manipulate them. (Because everyone watches the credits, right?).

Everything attacks-wise I'm still waiting on. I'll update the attacks for characters once we get a few more done, but with only one (albeit very talented) character spriter at the moment, it's not the ideal situation to get the attacks in quickly. Ike is also just waiting on a few more animations before we get him in, likewise with Kirby (who we're just more or less cleaning up).

Until next time,

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