Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 8 - Immenent Releases and Clash States

Hey Guys,

I've recently got the last of the sprites that I'll need to add the Land, Taunt, ^A and >A states to Clash. They'll be in at some point soon, but I'm really busy right now; with just one week and two days until I finish Year 12.

On the Immenent Releases front in the title, I'll be releasing three unfinished/prototype games next week(hopefully). The first is Custom Robot Gladiators (My final project for the games development course I'm doing), the second is Project Shift which is the project from the other team in my course. I did a little bit of level design on this one, and some small coding work here or there. The final project I'll be looking into releasing is my programming assignment for school, which is an RPG-lite game made in VB6 (which I unfortunately have to use for the course).

Until Next Time,

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