Monday, March 14, 2011

Underground Laboratory Update

Hey guys,

Alright. Over the break since my last proper update, I've managed to do quite a few things to the game. Most of these are bug fixes, but the major thing is I went and made the Underground Laboratory bigger so that the camera can zoom out further, as this seemed to be one of the major problems with the Rebirth test.

The other fixes include a number of changes to Geno, mostly frame speed adjustments and fixing up a frame error. Sonic's airdodge is faster, and so is Kirby's neutral air.

The player tab can no longer be toggled in the character selection screen for a single player mode, there's a fix with the classic mode the results room code has been revamped and the solo continue menu now has a slightly better layout and touch controls.

Probably the most important fix for anyone who played the recent Kirby preview is that players no longer freeze on slopes.

So overall, a lot of fixes but not much new stuff. I hope to add some new content over the next week, so stay tuned.


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