Thursday, July 14, 2011

SSB Clash July 2011 Released

Good news,

SSB Clash July 2011 is up over at FileTrip.

The name of the test is to help us keep confusion down on which version is the latest, which will be handy because I'm committing right here, right now to releasing an updated test once a month.

In addition, soon SSB Clash will be going open source and you'll be able to have a look at the source code and contribute to the project if you feel the need to.

I'll be uploading a newer version of this test fairly soon with more of the sprited attacks in as well as some other things, but for now we've got the following changes (and many more I can't be bothered listing):

- Kirby Playable
- New Stage (Battlefield64)
- All aerials in-game
- Updated Vault and Options menu
- In-progress French and Spanish Translations (Press X,Y at Vault menu to go to the languages screen).

Get it here

See you soon,


  1. Cool, I look forward to playing.

  2. If you ask me, I think the game is WAY too fast. I can hardly tell what's going on before I die. The attacks all do too much damage and the knockback is too strong. The stages also feel a little small. If you just slowed it down a little, though, it would do the game wonders. There is barely any strategy to the game as it is now. I find myself constantly spamming air attacks as fast as I can.

  3. Is there going to be any sonuds on this project!? D:

  4. There are going to be sounds in the game, there are just not any right now, except for the Music, if you've downloaded the Clashmusic folder.

    Also, we'll work on slowing it down and weakening the attacks. I have to add some more attacks soon, so I'll do those at the same time.