Monday, April 11, 2011

AI, Wi-Fi and Plans

Hey guys,

I missed out on a week there due to mid-semester exams for Uni, but I have some good news.

Alright, first of all we've been having a look into the Wi-Fi side of the game. Right now we're looking into things like checking if you have the latest version and unlocking a character via Wi-Fi. I want to reiterate, this isn't an announcement of us having finished that stuff, but it's in the works and hopefully we can get that done soon.

Second of all, I've been working on the AI and I hope to have two additional AI modes completed in the future, and a way for the computer controlled characters to swap between them. In addition, all AI modes (except Training Mode) will be getting an upgrade to realize when they're off the side of the stage, with instructions on how to get back so that you can't trick them so easily into following you to a suicide death.

The first new AI type will be the defensive type, and will contrast with the existing AI (Offensive Type) in that it only pursues characters within a certain distance from them, and when approaching tends to do so using dodges where possible (just airdodge for now) to get close enough to attack. It also values self-preservation and will recover to the stage instead of attacking close opponents when off the edge.

The second type of AI is a surprise for now, but I hope to see you guys playing against all of them, when SSB Clash launches its next test. I'm still working on spriting the aerial attacks, but once they're done I'll be able to add them to the game rather easily.

On the topic of the next test, I have a list that I'm working through for what I want out of the next test, but if you guys are expecting anything I haven't mentioned so far please leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Until next time,

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