Monday, April 18, 2011

Aerials, Misc Projects Update

Hey Guys,

This week there have been a couple of things going on. For Clash, the game now pauses itself when you close the lid of the DS. This is something that should be standard in all DS games in my opinion, so it's good to have it in.

In addition to that, I'm part-way through adding all four aerials to the game as I write this. For the time being, there will be some dummy animations for some of the characters, but we'll fill those out over time as our awesome spriting team (right now pretty much just Gokudo) gets around to it.

On a slightly more ambiguous note, Range and I have started planning for a new game which we're going to make for as a primer for the game that I previously hinted at back in October last year. It's a completely standalone game but will help us learn how to develop for the platform and we'll hopefully have all of the planning done soon so that I can get into the final stages of preproduction.

Also, pretty much all of the other projects I've hinted at over the course of my blog are still in the works, however projects that I don't mention often are developed more... sporadically than I would like given the time.

Until Next Time,

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