Thursday, December 9, 2010


There's nothing like having the time to just look over your projects and fix up all of the little things. This week I've been working things off of my Rebirth Checklist (which can be found here).

There've been a lot of sprite updates to characters as well as the landing state, which is finally incorporated into the game. A couple of the other improvements in the game are that random will stay random so you don't have to change back after every match, and at the character select screen, you tap the player's box once to select, and then again to change the state, instead of tapping to select and then repeatedly tapping to get back to the state (Player, CPU, NA).

There's a lot of things still to get done before the release of Rebirth, but we're looking on target for our Christmas Day release date. I hope that when it's finally out there, everyone's impressed with how much it's changed since the last proper release in November of 2009. What can I say though, there was a huge adjustment period for me with the game's code.

Oh, and I've also edited the settings on the blog, so you can comment without any of that login stuff you were required to do before. That system never quite appealed to me.

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