Friday, December 3, 2010

VB RPG Release and Clash Info

Hey Guys,

This week's been a pretty good week for me, programming wise. As I said last time, I've managed to add ^A and >A to the game. Since then, I've added airdodge, which works perfectly. I've also made quite a few minor updates to character's sprites, so Luigi, Tails, Shanoa and Yoshi all have visual changes. As well as that, there's been quite a few bug fixes.

I'm aiming to get SSB Clash Rebirth finished and released by Christmas.

I'm releasing the first of the three games I promised (for ages ago) today.

This is my Term 4 Assignment for my Year 12 Programming Class. The game is an RPG made in VB6 (which I have only recently remembered how much I hate). It's not polished, and nowhere near finished. I wanted to do so much more with it, and so it ended up pretty uncomplete. It has no real name, so it's called VB RPG.

Regardless of the above, it features a proper battle system, (albeit with only two battles), the beginnings of a story and a world map system. There's quite a lot of little fixing I would like to have done, and may still do quite a lot more with it(including the Battle Tower). If anyone wants a little more of this game, please let me know in the comments and I'll add quite a lot of features to it.

Most of this is also explained in-game. Oh, and for anyone wondering, the "African-American Smith" thing was a response to a joking comment from my teacher that "Blacksmith" was racist.

Thanks to Range for the assassin sprite, and Antone for the knife icon.

The game can be downloaded here.

- Clash has ^A, >A and Airdodge
- Rebirth by Christmas (Hopefully)
- VB RPG released.
- Download it here.

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