Monday, January 31, 2011

Options Menu Revamp

Hey there,

One of the things I heard quite a bit about SSB Clash Rebirth was that the options/vault menus were boring and un-user friendly (for people using a stylus). So I'm pretty happy to show off the updated Options menu.

Left: Old Options Menu || Right: New Options Menu

Alright, so graphically you can see it's a lot better. By the time it releases, it'll also have the word "Options" in the blue area to the top right.

You can tap the entire box of most of the options to toggle on/off or to save/load or tap the arrows next to the damage multiplier to change it. The camera options are gone for now. I'm fairly confident that no-one actually used them, but they'll be back later in development anyway.

The traditional button controls can also be used to navigate/interact with the menu as usual. Also, the arrow disappears when you're using the touch screen and reappears when a button is pressed. It's not particularly important, but I figured the arrow might really annoy people if they were using the stylus controls.

I'll be updating the Vault much later down the track to be more user friendly and have some unlockables/art (hopefully) so that it's a real Vault for the next release.

I hope to cover off some of the other common issues with the game soon as well.
Anything in particular people want me to take a look at?



  1. Hello, it's me who made this menu (I'm eyoyo)

  2. Well, that's not strictly true. You made a mockup located here:
    That was then modified by Range into this: which I worked on for three to four hours to get to what we have now. Thought I should give credit where credit's due to both you and Range for that.