Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick Check In

I'm heading off for a trip tomorrow morning, so don't expect much done next week (Oh, that and I start my uni course on Monday) but in the meantime, I've done some more work towards multiplayer, and I've added two values to each move.

One says how many frames of each attack animation to wait before it deals damage, and the second says how many frames of animation before the end the attack stops.

So basically, now it's harder for the AI to attack spam, and there's a more strategic element where you can time your counter attacks correctly while the opponent is finishing theirs.

Also, some things to keep you somewhat busy for the time being:

SSBC's first (as far as I'm aware) video review is up over at andylinkproductions' youtube channel.

There's also a really nice DS homebrew game by the name of Waimanu: Daring Slides. It's really hard to explain, but it's really addictive, sickeningly cute and altogether pretty awesome.

You can find the development team's blog here and you can download the game here.

Until next time,

Oh, and happy Australia Day to all from the great nation (A day early, but hey).

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